Click on the appropriate link to access the fillable application in MS-Word or PDF format. Information regarding where to submit a completed application is on the final page of the application. Please contact RBF, Inc. Staff with any questions that may arise.

Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is a flexible source of loan funds for commercial and industrial projects. The purpose is to encourage the creation of quality jobs and to increase the tax base. (read more)

Download RLF Application: (MS-Word) (PDF)

Growth Loan Fund

The Growth Loan Fund is for existing newly founded companies that have financial needs that cannot be met by traditional financing. These are companies that are too old for the Micro Loan program, but their financing needs are not large enough to structure through the RLF program. (read more)

Download Growth Application: (MS-Word) (PDF)

 Downtown Facade Loan Fund

The Downtown Facade Loan Program provides financial assistance to encourage property and business owners to revitalize commercial buildings within core downtowns of the towns, cities, and villages of west central Wisconsin. (read more)

Download Facade Application: (MS-Word) (PDF)

Micro Loan Fund

The Micro Loan Fund Program provides small loans to startup, newly established, or growing small businesses. The key objective is to assist business owners, who have traditionally had difficulty accessing debt financing, by affording them another alternative to obtain credit. (read more)

Download Micro Application: (MS-Word) (PDF)

Technology Enterprise Fund

The Technology Enterprise Fund (TEF) is a "quasi-equity", or a patient debt, revolving loan fund that provides creative financing to new and emerging technology companies.(read more)

Download TEF Application: (MS-Word) (PDF) 

EDA Loan Fund

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) Loan Fund has been managed by the RBF, Inc. since 1995. The program provides low-interest loan funds to expanding businesses that are creating jobs and making a capital investment. (read more)

Download EDA Application: (MS-Word) (PDF)