Client Portal is Live!

Current RBF, Inc. borrowers can access their RBF loan information via an online portal. Once registered, borrowers can view current loan balance, all transaction information including a breakdown of principal and interest paid, contact information, and other summary loan information.
To access the portal, visit

Current Borrowers - Payment Deferral Available

We understand your business may experience financial difficulty as a result of the impacts of the coronavirus. We want to remind you of the available options to assist you if your Regional Business Fund, Inc. loan payments become burdensome.

During the life of your loan, if you have been current on loan payments up to the time of the request, you may request:


  • One principal and interest payment deferral for up to 3 months

  • One interest-only payment period up to 6 months

  • One temporary payment reduction up to 6 months

Staff will prepare an amendment to reflect the agreed upon changes.

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