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The Technology Enterprise Fund (TEF) is a "quasi-equity", or a patient debt, revolving loan fund that provides creative financing to new and emerging technology companies. 


Any business engaged in the activities of research, development or manufacturing of advanced products or materials for use in the technology industry. 


  • Loans sizes are in the $25,000 to $250,000 range.  

  • Loans are priced at an adjustable rate indexed to Prime, plus or minus an interest rate margin that is dependent on risk. The TEF may also require warrants or royalties to mitigate risk and provide for appropriate levels of upside participation. 

  • Repayment terms shall not exceed five years. Repayment options, including deferrals and interest-only periods, are negotiable. 

  • A security interest in all of the company's assets, including technology associated with or developed during the life of the loan, will usually be required as collateral.  

  • Unlimited personal guarantees are required for any owner with 20% or more ownership interest in the business. 


  • Be located in, or propose to locate in, West Central Wisconsin (counties of:  Barron, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Polk, and St. Croix).  

  • Be a technology specific business either processing and/or developing patentable technology or intellectual property.  

  • Have fewer than 100 FTE employees  

  • Raise at least a dollar-for-dollar (1:1) amount of private capital.  Prior investments in the form of in-kind support and/or equipment contributions may qualify as private match.  

  • Eligible activities include:  working capital used in the research and development, testing, and/or commercialization of a product, process or service; equipment and other fixed asset purchases that are essential in the research and development of an innovative technology. 



Interested businesses should complete and submit applications to the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. 

Use the icon below to download the application.

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